Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage plan is a type of Medicare health plan offered by a private company that has a contract with Medicare to provide your health care insurance. A Medicare Advantage plan covers Hospital part A, medical part B and prescription drugs part D. It gives you all of your needed coverage in one convenient place. Many of these plans include extra benefits such as a free gym membership, vision, hearing aid coverage and some plans also include dental. Many Medicare beneficiaries are drawn to these plans because of the low premium costs. In fact, several plans charge a zero premium. To get all the details of Medicare Advantage plans and how they work, please contact us today for free consultation.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare supplements are used to supplement original Medicare parts A and B. These plans range from plan A to plan N. All supplement plans are standardized by Medicare, meaning a plan F with XYZ insurance company is the same plan F that ABC insurance company offers. The only difference is the company's name, customer service and the premium they charge. The advantages to a supplement plan is that there is no network of doctors or hospitals that you are required to use. You just need to make sure the doctor accepts Medicare. The other benefit is you have a set premium each month so there are no unexpected surprises. Medicare supplement plans do not include a Medicare part D prescription drug plan so that would need to be purchased separately.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Individuals are eligible for prescription drug coverage under part D plan if they are entitled to benefits under Medicare part A and or enrolled in part B. Beneficiaries can obtain the part D drug benefit through two types of private plans. They can join a stand-alone prescription drug plan, PDP, for drug coverage only or they can join a Medicare Advantage plan that covers both medical services and prescription drugs called an MAPD. To find out how a prescription drug plan would work in conjunction with a Medicare supplement or inside a Medicare Advantage plan please call us today for further details.

Cancer Plans

A cancer plan will pay the beneficiary directly a lump sum upon first diagnosis $5000-$25,000. This money can go to pay all the unexpected costs that are related to cancer, for example, time off work, travel, day care, co-pays, second opinions, etc.

Dental Plans

As we get older, dental is one of the first things to go and that is why having a good dental plan is just as necessary as having a good medical plan. 

Hospital Indemnity Plans

These types of supplemental plans are designed to cover the costs of hospital admissions not covered by other insurance. 

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